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Brand: FEISTATION Model: GF3320F
This Food Printer is A3 Size what is Full Automatic controlSpecifications:Model Number:GF3320Ink Type:Textile InkPrinter Head:EPSON 1390/1430/1500W Printer HeadInk Color: C M Y K + LC LM Food inkPrinter Tray Size: 33cm X 50cmPrint Thickness: Flat: 0-20CMAdvantage:High Resolution,Precise Positioning,..
Ex Tax:$2,900.00
Brand: FEISTATION Model: GF4009
The Image can last at least 10 Years,even though we put the tomb photo outside,usually it can last 10-15 years for color image,15-20 years for black and white image. This printer uses a standardized die making, combined with synchronous wheel and linear axis assembled, using embedded electronic..
Ex Tax:$1,200.00
Brand: FEISTATION Model: GF4005
Portable 3D Nail Printer Pattern Nail Printing Machine Nail Art EquipmentA Nail Art Equipment that Prints Any Pattern, Any Color and Any Design on the Natural Nail and Artificial Nail Features1 real finger nail printing or 1 nail tip printing a timeControlled by Phone APPMassive defult DesignsPhone ..
Ex Tax:$680.00
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