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FEISTATION.COM supply all kinds of electronics and mobile accessories, we can provide you best price what only manufacturer can provide; but also we can provide best support service,There are over 83 employees currently in our company, including 30 R&D staff (36% of the total), 5 managers (6%). And among them, there are 2 doctors, 5 masters, and the staff who get college education degree and above are about 87.69%. Our workers are of good professional skills, high overall quality, and have strong adaptive capacity and cognitive ability to the market.
By the way,we have international Import & Export departments,if you want to import other products from China,you can also contact us for this kind of business, we have very good relation with local factory and we can purchase various products at very good price, on the other hand,if you have goods products what can export to China market,Welcome to contact with us for more cooperation.
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